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Friday, July 25, 2008

A Smooth Time of It

I told you I would report back in on more blueberry recipes. I saw this luscious looking smoothie at The Pioneer Woman Cooks and thought my husband would love it. I offered to make it for him this morning and he quickly agreed. I went to the cupboard and the cupboard was bare. Well, not actually bare, just devoid of a blender. I don't know if a smoothie can be made without a blender but I wasn't going to try! While I was at exercise this morning, he planned on stopping at some garage sales to see if they had any coins for sale. I encouraged him to find a blender if he could. As you can see, he was successful (with coins too)!
The only change I made to her recipe is that I used vanilla yogurt since I wasn't certain that I would like it with plain yogurt. I do know that it was fantastic with the vanilla yogurt.

The blueberries were picked by my own little hand. The little bit of honey I used was extracted by my friend Polly from her own beehive. The yogurt I purchased....I guess if I want a totally homemade smoothie, I should send him out to find a yogurt maker!!! Try this. You'll like it!


  • At 3:43 PM, Blogger Genuine Lustre said…

    If you get really ambitious, you can make yogurt without a yogurt maker (I've never had one). I use canning jars and I set them in a cooler with a heating pad for about 8 hrs.


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